Are you in a situation where you have bad credit but a good buddy?

You can still get a loan. And that too within minutes

Guarantor Loan

We understand your requirements and let you customize Neve however you wish

Need not worry any more

We  can come to your help by giving you loan in minutes, provided your buddy is ready to be your guarantor.

Advantages Guarantor loan

We  can come to your help by giving you loan in minutes, provided your buddy is ready to be your guarantor.

Who should be the guarantor?

He should be someone very well known to you – a relative, a friend, a colleague ideally. He should be over at least 21 years old and maximum 70 years old, living in the same city as you.

What is guarantor loan?

If you have a poor credit history, all you have to do is get your friend or relative or colleague to be your guarantor and vouch that you will be able to repay the loan on due date.

Criteria to be a Guarantor


When your Credit Score is poor and no bank or financial institution is giving you loan, we can do so provided you have a guarantor


Should be over 21 years of age and below 70 years till the time the loan is closed. He should be a home owner in India or stay in a rented house with proper documentation. He should be your friend, colleague or relative. Spouse can’t be a guarantor

The guarantor will be required to repay the loan on your behalf in case you fail to pay.

No your repayment has to be made solely by you.

We will check your KYC, three months bank statement and salary slips along with your CIBIL score

No. He can be a home owner, stay with parents or a rented home. However home owners have a better credit rating and hence preferred

Provided everything is alright, the loan should be in your account in 30 minutes.

If you are unable to pay back please get in touch with us to find out a solution

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You may be finding yourself facing a bad credit situation, where your CIBIL score has gone down to such a level that it has become impossible to get a loan from banks and financial institutions.

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